Jonathan Gheller

I like to start and grow software companies.  I started and was CEO of Mixtent (Storylane) which was acquired by Facebook and Fashmatch, acquired by Like and soon after, by Google. I also started a healthtech company called Metabolic.

I am co-founder of Matilda Explorations a community that connects the best engineers in Latin America with full-time remote opportunities at the best U.S startups. I am also a non-executive co-founder of BioBridge, a remote cardiac device monitoring company, and Sentinel Fresh, a software company for fresh produce logistics.

I like to invest and advise early stage companies, often pre-product. Examples include Aven, Clubhouse, Glossier, Kin, Pared, Returnly, among others.

Via the acquisition of Mixtent (Storylane) I spend about 3 years at Facebook, where I helped create the team that launched On This Day, Friendversaries, Year in Review, and other memories related products.

I started this site to tinker with Jekyll, and motivate myself to write and reflect more about the topics I care about.

@jgheller on Twitter